3 alternatives to standard timber fencing

March 27, 2017

When it comes to creating a border around a property or garden you have more options than you may think. A traditional timber fence works for many but it can still be done differently. There are alternatives that are less harsh than traditional fencing and a bit more stylish. Here are three options that we supply at Champion Timber:

Stylish lattice fencing

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more stylish and less harsh than a traditional wooden fence then give lattice panels a go. The panels are perfect borders if you’re looking to be able to see beyond your garden.

They’re also great to grow climbing plants on. If you select panels with enough strength to hold the chosen plants then it will make a stunning feature. Growing plants on fencing means you don’t have to just think of a landscape as a flat space, you can instead bring it upwards.

Our lattice fencing comes in rectangular panels or curved to add instant elegance to a garden.

Slatted screen fences

Slatted screen fences can add a really contemporary vibe to a space. They look great painted, or left with their natural wood colour, and are being used more and more by landscape architects. The modern style can be used as the whole fence, combined with solid walls or as a feature element.

We stock pressure treated panels that are screened with boards on one side so you get the amazing style with added privacy. We also sell all the timbers that you need to construct your own fencing – you can choose the slat widths and gaps between them.

ball top metal fencing

Regal ball top fencing

Our Wenlock ball top fence is very different to your standard timber fencing. It can add instant elegance and works particularly well at the front of a property where you’re not necessarily looking for privacy but rather a boundary and security perimeter. It’s a unique and regal alternative to traditional timber fencing that can make a property stand out.

At Champion Timber, we have a great range of wooden fencing, including featheredge and more modern styles. We also have other alternatives for those looking to go beyond traditional timber. Get in touch today if you have any question about what would work best for your project.