Choosing the right timber decking for the job

July 1, 2016

At Champion Timber, we’ve got a wide range of timber decking. This means that we’ve always got quality timber decking in stock that’s right for your next job — but sometimes it can be hard to work out which product is most suitable.

Our Decking, Fencing, Landscaping and Timber Buildings brochure has detailed technical information on each of the products, but here’s a rundown of some of the key features of each timber decking line.

Softwood decking

Our premium quality redwood softwood timber decking is a tried and tested, lower cost, familiar decking product to most landscapers.

Pressure treated with Tanalith E extra and includes a unique wax additive for extra protection the redwood decking has a service life of at least 15 years if maintained properly. A version with anti-slip Gripdeck inserts with more favourable slip resistance characteristics is available.

When fitting, we recommend joist centres of 400mm as a maximum. Boards should be spaced 5mm apart to allow for expansion and fixed with 4.5x65mm coated or stainless screws, with 2 per joist. Screws can be fixed through the face (pilot holes are recommended) or using the Camo hidden fixing system.

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Kebony decking

Kebony decking is an alternative to softwood decking that is treated to give many of the characteristics of tropical hardwoods, but is more stable and available in longer lengths, has low slip characteristics, with a service life of at least 25 years.

The treatment process involves impregnating the softwood timber with an environmentally friendly preservative, before curing and drying the timber.

Kebony decking can be fixed using 4.5x50mm or 4.5x65mm coated or stainless screws through the face, with 2 per joist. It’s also suitable for hidden fixings, either using the Camo system or the Kebony clip fixing system. Kebony decks should maintain the same 5mm spacing and 400mm centres of our softwood range.

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Hardwood decking

Our responsibly sourced hardwood decking (Shorea or Tabebuia timbers) is a beautiful and hardwearing alternative to softwoods.

Hardwoods are naturally durable, with at least 50 years of service life when maintained appropriately. Our hardwood decking has medium slip resistance, but a low slip version with anti-slip Gripdeck inserts is available.

We supply a 32mm board, which is suitable for joist centres of up to 600mm, but the rest of the range should be installed on 400mm centres. Pilot holes are essential when fitting hardwood decking to avoid splitting the timber and 6mm spacing should be used to account for expansion. 4.5x65mm stainless steel screws should be used for fixing hardwood decks, either through the face using 2 per joist, or using the Camo hidden fixing system.

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Composite decking

Composite decking offers a number of benefits to natural timber alternatives. It’s barefoot friendly, with no splinters to watch out for; consistent and low maintenance.

Dura composite decking

Dura composite decking is made from a wood and recycled plastic composite. Its hollow structure gives it a good strength to weight ratio. As it’s a composite, Dura decking is available in a range of colours with a natural wood finish.

Dura composite decking has a service life of at least 25 years with minimal maintenance. It’s got the highest slip resistance of all our decking and its water resistant nature makes it well suited to waterside applications.

The 30mm boards can be fitted to joist centres up to 700mm apart, while the thinner boards are suitable for between 400mm and 600mm centres. Full technical information is available in our decking brochure. Dura boards are easily fitted using their bespoke hidden clip system, which makes it easy to get the right spacing and a clean finish.

Megawood decking

Megawood is a wood based composite decking, combining 75% wood fibres with 25% polymer. This gives it many of the same qualities as wood, whilst being more consistent, colourfast and durable. It’s also fully PEFC accredited. Like the other composite decking boards we supply, it’s barefoot friendly with no splinters.

Megawood is low maintenance and has a minimum service life of 25 years. The nature of the material also makes it highly slip resistant.

Megawood decking should be fitted to 400mm centres using a clip fixing system.

Millboard decking

Unlike Dura and Megawood decking, Millboard is a non-timber product. It’s made from environmentally friendly polymer resin and natural minerals. It’s moulded from natural wood for a realistic look, but won’t warp, rot or splinter.

Millboard has a service life of at least 20 years with very little maintenance. It also has very high slip resistance.

Millboard should be fitted to 400mm joist centres using Millboard’s Durafix screws.

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Full technical information is in our brochure
You can compare the different attributes of our timber decking using the product technical information, which we publish in our decking brochure. Our trained staff are also on hand in store to help with any questions.