How our quality carcassing timber can help cut loft conversion costs

June 17, 2016

Are you fed up with jobs overrunning due to substandard carcassing timber? Distortion and inexact dimensions are just two of the many issues that can prolong a job and cost you money.

When it comes to poor quality carcassing timber, the whole project can run over. Labour can be extended, you may have to reschedule later stages of the project and the job will generally end up costing you more money.

At Champion Timber we do everything we can to manufacture the highest quality carcassing timber. Without inconsistencies, our treated timber will not only support your schedule but also protect your wallet.

Structurally graded to C24 as standard

In contrast to other timber merchants, all of our carcassing timber comes structurally graded to C24, as standard. This means you will be receiving the highest quality timber at no extra cost.

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Great customer service from trained staff

A high level of customer service is at the forefront of our operations here at Champion Timber. All staff across our 10 branches are knowledgeable and experienced in order to advise you on the best carcassing timber to suit your individual needs. If it is better for you, we are also happy to advise you over the phone.

Reduce your costs with carcassing timber from Champion

Finding a company that will have the right quality, length and sections of carcassing timber available can be both time consuming and complicated. This struggle is eliminated when you choose Champion Timber. We will ensure that we have the section and length that you need, in stock and graded to C24.

The high quality of our timber and its eased edges both work towards reducing time on the build. All these things combined work towards a seamless and stress-free build by reducing the margin for error.

Kiln dried and treated to last longer

Timber at Champion is manufactured to withstand the natural elements and last a long time. All our timber is kiln dried and treated before it reaches the shop floor.

The controlled temperatures, humidity and airflow in kiln drying allows timber to dry consistently, resulting in a more uniform product. All our carcassing timber has been kiln dried to ensure the longest lifetime possible. There are many benefits of kiln drying timber besides from just the uniformity, here a few examples:

  • Reduced future shrinkage of timber
  • Lighter and stronger
  • Less chance of fissures, splits and bowing
  • Less chance of fungus and will not corrode fixings

Completing the interior walls

Once the carcassing timber is in place there is no need to go elsewhere to complete the conversion. We are a one stop shop for all of your requirements and have an extensive range of interior products.

Fittings and fixtures

We don’t just do timber. We also supply a huge range of fittings and fixtures to complete your project. We have a variety Simpson Strong-Tie products, including joist hangers, timber connectors and straps that can all be used with our carcassing timber.  All products are quality assured, hot-dip galvanised and available in stainless steel.

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Rafter insulations

Loft conversions need to be well insulated to keep the warmth in your property. At Champion Timber we supply an extensive range of insulation products fit for all purposes.

See our range of rafting insulation

Timber battens

We also stock a range of battens for use in retaining the insulation in your walls.

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Plaster board

We stock high quality plasterboard, nails and tape to complete the interior walls of your project.

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We have a wide range of top quality timber stair parts available online and instore. From white primed stair parts to oak, pine, we have a range of colours and styles to suit any project. Our stair parts can be used to build fantastic quality and great looking timber stair cases.

Visit our online shop to take a closer look at the variety of stair parts that we have on offer.

The importance of sustaining the environment

As a timber merchant, we are totally committed to ensuring that our environmental responsibilities are upheld to the best of our abilities. We use rigorous verification systems and have both Environmental Chain of Custody Certification for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)® and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

In addition to this, all our suppliers are independently audited for the Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) of the Timber Trade Federation and Forests Forever.

Please contact us today to discuss your timber requirements, however large or small. We promise to support you in finding a solution that matches the specific needs of your project.

Trade discount
If you are trade customer, then we will apply a trade discount to your order in any of our branches. If you are shopping online, simply add items to your basket and request a quote – we will be in touch shortly with a discounted price.