MDF and sheet materials for interior projects

March 16, 2018

There are loads of great things about MDF (medium density fibreboard), including the cost. Sheet materials in general are a lot cheaper than solid wood alternatives and MDF often works out cheaper than other sheet materials.

MDF works really well for interior projects as it’s available in a range of types, thicknesses and colours. It’s also a really strong material that’s easy to cut to size and shape. The consistency of its composition and smooth edges makes it simple to cut using most types of saws.

If you’re looking for decorative MDF for an interior project, we have a huge range available in loads of different colours. With the option of decorative veneer on one or both sides, the range varies from a white beech veneer to a black American walnut. Perfect for use in furniture, doors, cabinets or bespoke manufacturing.

Easy to paint

MDF is also perfect for painting. Although it can already come in different natural wood colours with natural grain patterns, you can also paint it for your project. The smooth texture and splinter-free factors mean you won’t need to sand it down beforehand. You will however need to prime the MDF before you paint it.

Flexible MDF

Our short and long grain flexible MDF is a really versatile material that works amazingly to create shapes and go around bends. If you’re looking to make furniture or create shapely features then this is a hugely cost effective way to do so.

1220mm short grain starts at £48.17

2440mm long grain starts at £52.60

MDF that’s cut to size

As well as the off the shelf pre-cut handi-panels of MDF, we also offer a cut-to-size service on most of our panels. This applies to straight vertical and horizontal cuts only – just get in touch to find out more and get a quote.

The overall versatility of MDF is great and makes it perfect for using in your interior projects.

We have loads of different MDF options available, including moisture resistant panels for use in bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re looking for some advice, please just ask – pop in, or call your local branch and one of our specialist sales advisors will be on hand to help.