Skirting boards and timber mouldings from Champion Timber

June 27, 2016

When it comes to the final stages of your loft conversion, construction or refurb job Champion Timber has all you need for the highest quality finish.

We have the largest range of timber mouldings in the country. Designs span contemporary styles and period mouldings dating back 150 years. Not only that, but we have them in stock at lengths of up to 4.8m.

Quality timber mouldings and skirting boards

Our softwood skirting boards and timber mouldings are made in house from timber that we have sourced and selected ourselves. We kiln dry and machine timber at our own mill so we can ensure a constant supply of consistent, high quality timber mouldings.

You can rely on Champion timber mouldings and skirting boards to have low knot content, a super-smooth finish and be less likely to warp. All of this reduces your prep time and wastage, helping you to finish the job quicker.

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Profiling service – we can match any timber moulding

If you can’t find the right moulding or skirting board in our extensive range we can machine it for you. All we need is a drawing or a sample and we can can create your custom profile from the same high quality timber we use for our stock items.

With a minimum order of just 1.8m and a typical turnaround of only 4 working days, matching an unusual timber moulding doesn’t have to hold up your completion date.

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Our range of skirting boards and timber mouldings

With over 150 mouldings available in stock or to order today, Champion Timber’s range of quality timber profiles is unmatched.

Skirting boards

Our skirting board range includes premium FSC certified softwood, primed MDF and American white oak hardwood.

Champion’s skirting board innovations for easier fitting

Our skirting boards include two key innovations that make them quicker and easier to fit on site:

  1. Larger skirting boards are machined with a relief and glue groove on the back, This adds strength and provides a channel for applying adhesives. You’ll get a closer fit to the wall as a result, meaning less filling later.
  2. Bevelled bottoms on the back edge give you a tighter wall to floor fit – especially where it’s hard to get rid of corner debris.

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Architraves, dados and picture rails

As well as skirting boards, we stock a wide range of decorative mouldings. As with our skirting boards, our timber mouldings are made from prime grade redwood that we have selected and machined ourselves. This gives you mouldings of the highest quality, with tight grain and fewer, smaller knots. Our mouldings are easier to work as a result, saving you time and effort in finishing.

Decorative timber mouldings

Adhesives and fillers

As well as our vast range of timber skirting boards and profiles we also supply all of the adhesives and sundries you need to fit and finish them on site.

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Request or download the Timber & Mouldings catalogue

Our Timber & Mouldings catalogue has full size drawings of our range of over 150 skirting boards and mouldings. You can complete the brochure order form to receive a paper copy.