What makes Joistmate treated timber different?

January 21, 2019
Joistmate C24

Joistmate Xtra is Champion Timber’s own brand of sawn and treated timber for joists and other construction uses. Created to meet the needs of our customers, Joistmate Xtra offers a superior treated timber product at a competitive price. It’s the combination of features that make Joistmate treated timber stand out from the competition.

In stock when you need it

We keep a huge range of treated timber joists in stock in lengths of up to 6.0m, ready for delivery to your site. With delivery of stock items in 2 days or less, we’re there to help you get the job done and cut down on wasted labour costs. Our online joist picker lets you see exactly what’s in stock so you can plan your job at any time of day or night. We also supply a full range of joist hangers, straps and fixings which we can deliver with your timber.

High quality, consistent and dry stored

At Champion Timber we only source prime quality timber from sustainable sources. Each joist is made to our specific requirements from slow-grown Scandinavian redwood pine. When it reaches us we store it flat under cover to ensures that our treated timber is straight, smooth and consistent.

Our Joistmate Xtra timber is regularized so that each joist is consistent in size. This means less wastage and saves you time on the job. We also add eased edges, making it easy to handle and work with.

Strong as standard – graded to C24 at no extra cost

Our Joistmate range is all graded to C24 (EN14081-2). This means that it is stronger than C16 equivalents and can support higher loads. This extra strength gives you the option of using wider spans, reducing the material costs for your build. Alternatively you can stick to standard spans and complete the build to a higher spec.

What is C24 timber?

C24 is a strength classification for softwood timber. It defines the species that can be used – the ‘C’ stands for conifer, though not all coniferous species can be used for all grades. The standard also sets limits for the number of visual imperfections such as knots and sap stains. Finally, it defines the stress limits for the timber, looking at bending, tension, compression and shear tolerances.

Pressure treated for long life

All our Joistmate Xtra products are pressure treated with Tanalith E preservative. This provides protection against fungal decay and insect attack, even in ground contact situations. For roof timbers and other dry uses for joists, this pressure treatment gives the timber a service life of at least 60 years.

Environmentally certified – guaranteed to be from sustainable sources

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously at Champion. We have Environmental Chain of Custody Certification for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Our Joistmate Xtra treated timber is environmentally certified so you can be assured that it comes from sustainably managed forests.