What stair parts do you need to build a timber staircase?

November 2, 2015

Planning is a crucial part of any construction project, especially when building a timber staircase. The slightest mistake in measurement can be catastrophic where this sort of project is concerned, which is why it’s essential that accurate measurements are taken prior to starting the build. After measurements have been taken, the next step is making the stairs, and to do this you’re going to need quality, durable materials. We’ve compiled a list of all the stair parts needed to build a structurally sound, beautiful timber staircase to be proud of.

Stair parts checklist

Newel Post – The newel post acts as the main support for the handrail and is placed at points of transition on the staircase i.e. bottom, top or when stairs change direction.

Newel Cap – The newel cap sits on top of the newel post and is usually used for decorative effect.

Spindle / balusters – These sit between the handrail and the base rail and are primarily used for safety purposes, but can also be used as a decorative addition to improve the aesthetics of your stairs.

Risers – These can be placed vertically between each step, but are not a necessity for structural integrity. When the riser is missing the set of stairs is called an open riser staircase.

Treads – The treads are what you will actually stand on when walking the staircase. When building an open riser staircase, the wood is often thicker to maintain steadfastness.

String – The string consists of routed out timber and runs parallel to the treads and risers. The top section can be cut away to create a more subtle cut string stair case.

Baserail – The baserail sits on top of the string and holds the spindles in place.

Handrail – Probably the most well-known of stair parts, the handrail follows the staircase gradient and is grooved out underneath for the spindles to be placed into.

Timber staircase design

A timber staircase doesn’t only provide a functional solution to connect two floors, it can also transform a home with striking design. When purchasing stair parts you may want to consider how the staircase will contribute to the aesthetics of the connecting floors. Modern and traditional designs can differ greatly, so it’s important to know what will suit the overall design of the home. There are many different designs and finishes when it comes to timber stair parts, each with their own unique characteristics.

White primed stair parts

Painting your stairs, like their installation, requires a lot of preparation. Sanding everything to an acceptable standard and then painting everything can be a time consuming exercise. White primed stair parts are made from pale hardwood which comes pre-sanded and ready for painting, saving you time.

Oak stair parts

Oak stair parts are a popular choice for many due to the wood being robust and durable, whilst also having a pleasing, luxurious presence characterised by a variety of different shades of brown giving it a unique appearance.

Pine stair parts

Pine is a soft wood that’s suitable for staining and painting. It’s characterised by its yellowish colour, straight grain and knotty appearance, which gives it a decorative character, making it a popular choice for use in furniture, particularly timber staircases.

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