About Our Cutting & Sawing Tools

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What are Stanley knife blades made from?

These heavy-duty blades are usually used in conjunction with a knife handle for safe and easy use and are typically made from carbon or stainless steel making them sturdy and snap resistant.

What are Coping Saws used for?

Coping Saws are used for cutting fine, intricate interior cut-outs and intricate external shapes in carpentry or woodworking. They have a very narrow blade stretched across a D-shaped frame, and are widely used for mouldings when creating coped rather than mitred joints.

What are Hacksaws used for?

A hacksaw is a type of hand tool designed specifically for cutting through materials such as plastic, steel, and other metals. They are a variant of the traditional hand saw, typically used for cutting wood, and have become a staple tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

What is a Hardpoint saw?

This type of saw is designed to be pushed to cut and to prevent buckling; the blade is reinforced along the back with a strong steel spine. These saws are designed for finer work and are most often used with a bench hook for sawing work across the grain.