About Our Multi Tool Blades

What is a Multi-Tool used for?

Oscillating tools can handle a ton of tasks—cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding, sawing—and deliver clean results in tight quarters. Oscillating tools are popular with carpenters, contractors, tradespeople, flooring and cabinet installers, and serious hobbyists. Regardless of the job, professionals love these tools.

Will a Multi-Tool cut plaster?

Cutting plaster is not extremely difficult with the right tools, but it does make a mess so be ready with containment and cleanup. For larger areas, I use an angle grinder with a diamond blade since this can go pretty fast. For more fine-tuning or for smaller cuts, I prefer the multi-tool.

Are oscillating Multi-Tool blades interchangeable?

Multi-tools (AKA oscillating tools) are the ultimate jack-of-all-trades tools. Due to their interchangeable blades, they can be used for a variety of tasks around the home and job site.

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