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Decorative timber fences for maximum privacy

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Your garden should be a place for you to relax without feeling exposed to bordering roads, gardens or passers-by. With that in mind, you may be looking at ways to maximise privacy whilst keeping your garden looking lovely. There are plenty of ways to achieve this with different types of decorative timber fencing.

Contemporary fencing

decorative timber fencing Another favourite in our decorative timber fencing range is the contemporary slatted fencing. It looks great in all garden designs and can work well in modern and contemporary gardens. Again, our slatted panels come in heights of 6 foot for maximum privacy.

They come pressure treated with a 15-year warranty against rot.

Trellis and lattice panels

If you want something a little more stylish than your standard timber fencing, trellis topped fencing can work amazingly. You can still have the same height as a traditional fence but with curved trellis tops, your garden will look that bit more unique.

Our Florence continental fence posts are a great example of this.

Open lattice panels can work particularly well if your property boarders a view you don't want to completely obscure.

Privacy lattice

Privacy lattice panels are perfect if you want the style of lattice fencing but need less visibility. The panels are narrowly spaced and double framed for increased stability.

These panels are 61cm wide so ideal for screening off areas of your garden.

Create your own decorative fencing

In addition to our pre-constructed fence panels, we have all the timbers you need to create your own fence. So, if for some reason, you need a bit of extra height, it won’t be a problem. We also stock lattice panels to go on top of your fence to create a more stylish fence.

Consider fence posts

Fence posts can add a lot to your garden fence in terms of style. You have both concrete and timber fence post to consider. Concrete posts will provide more stability but timber fence posts will look more natural. Post toppers can be used to add style to timber fence posts.

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