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About Our Glass and Metal Decking Components

Why use metal decking components?

Metal deck parts offer incredible strength and style while providing a modern look and feel to your decking. Combine the unique aluminium spindles with either softwood or hardwood to create your desired design.

The beautiful curvatures and jet-black finish of both the Bow and Eden decking spindles can successfully add immense style and character to any garden. Whether you choose Bow or Eden there are many incredible benefits of metal decking, including exceptional durability.


Why choose zinc-coated posts and rails?

Our 'Modern Deck' range takes the contemporary look to a whole new level – our maintenance-free aluminium extrusion balustrade system.

This unique range boasts zinc brackets and a powder-coated exterior for an ultra-modern, sleek finish that will perfectly enhance any refurbishment project. It’s simple itself to install and can be combined with existing ranges for complete flexibility. For a modern look that is sure to be a timeless classic, 'Modern Deck' offers something unique for the modern age.