About Our Fence Panels

Supplies are limited at the present time, so we are only displaying what we can reasonably obtain, and some items may be on extended lead times compared to normal

Why Have A Fence?

Before choosing between the garden fencing options that are best suited to your needs, it’s vital to be clear about the reason you require fencing. Determining the purpose of your fence and your budget will help you decide which of the many forms of fencing will best meet your needs. The five most common reasons for installing fencing are:
Security – keeping people out and/or animals in
Privacy – providing a visual barrier between you and potential viewers
Screening – fencing can be a windbreak or a sound baffle
Budget – your dedicated budget can be the deciding factor for which material you choose
Aesthetics – many forms of fencing are attractive in their own right and add to the appearance of your property

What Fence Panels does Champion Timber offer?

We stock a large range of fence panels, from the traditional overlap and closeboard to more modern styles. Our quality panels have strong and sturdy construction, in particular, we have specified framework and battens in the construction to be thicker and hence sturdier. All panels are fully treated and covered by a 15-year warranty against rot and decay (if properly maintained). 

All our panels are available for same-day collection or speedy delivery.