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About Our Fence Panels

Why have a fence?

Before choosing between the garden fencing options that are best suited to your needs, it’s vital to be clear about the reason you require fencing. Determining the purpose of your fence panel and your budget will help you decide which of the many forms of fencing will best meet your needs.

The five most common reasons for installing fencing are:

  • Security – Keeping people out and/or animals in.
  • Privacy – Providing a visual barrier between you and viewers.
  • Screening – Fencing can be a windbreak or a sound baffle.
  • Budget – Panels for all price ranges, simply choose what suits you.
  • Aesthetics – Fence panels are an attractive feature for your garden.

What fence panels does Champion Timber offer?

We stock a large range of high quality fence panels, picket fences, traditional overlap (lap fence panel) and closeboard, and more modern styles that are perfect for your outdoor space. All are covered by a 15-year warranty.

We have a massive choice of decorative fence panels to suit any garden from top supplies such as Grange Fencing. This selection of decorative fencing includes both contemporary slatted fence panels and traditional overlap fencing, some panels even come with a built-in trellis which is perfect for climbing plants.

Which side of the garden fence is mine?

In the UK, there is no set rule that decides who owns which fence but there will be an informal agreement between yourself and the rest of your street. The easiest way to find out which fence is yours would be to look at which side of the fence panel is facing you, the likelihood is that your neighbour has the nice side facing them, leaving you looking at the frame on the back of the panel. This means that on the other side of your garden you should have a 'good' side facing you, this is your fence.

Either fence may belong to a property, and the simplest way to ascertain which belongs to a specific property is to check the deeds. Deeds will often indicate which boundary the property owner is responsible for. The documents may state it explicitly, but if they don't then a T-mark may be used instead.

How wide are fence panels?

The standard width of a fence panel is 1830mm (1.83m) or 6 feet (6'). Our fence panels are no exception and all correspond with this standard sizing.

How to attach fence panels to posts?

There is a host of choices when it comes to fixing your fence panels to your fence posts. Your first and simplest option is simply using Stainless Steel Screws to directly fix your fence to the post. Less commonly used would be Galvanised Nails which are faster to install which means less labour for you.

However, nails are a lot more likely to become loose as time passes, whereas a screw grips the timber tight. The final, and most popular, option would be a 44mm Fence Panel Clip, fence clips make it easy to change or swap a fence panel if one should be damaged. The only downside is that these fence clips are more visible than traditional fixing methods which leads to a less aesthetically pleasing finish.

All our timber fence posts are pressure treated to UC4 (so suitable to be buried in the ground), and we also have a range of concrete posts.

All our panels are available for same-day collection or speedy next day delivery.