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About Our Panel & Veneer pins

Discover a huge range of varying pin types at Champion Timber from galvanised U-shaped round wire suitable for applications such as securing wire fencing to wood. To classic copper hardboard pins and your classic very fine pins traditionally used in veneer work, but are very useful for fixing small mouldings. Ideal for lightweight, decorative applications, our panel and veneer pins are designed for use on hard surface veneers or panels. Choose from a range of 0.25kg panels or veneer pins between 20mm and 50mm.

What are Veneer Pins used for?

Veneer pins are designed, slim with flush heads, this is to help them to be discreet and also to reduce the veneer splitting or cracking when you are working with it. Available in different sizes to suit the project you are working on.

What is a Panel Pin?

Panel pins are the ideal fixing for use on the back of cupboards and wardrobes. Panel pins are lightweight and slender nails that provide extra strength when fastened in place. They are generally used to attach skirting or backboards to cabinets, wardrobes and joinery work.