About Our 100mm Fire Rated Hinges

Do you need special hinges for fire doors?

Fire doors need to withstand worse conditions than standard doors and require equally strong fire door hinges. A 30-minute fire door, for example, weighs an average of 40kg, which would quickly wear out a regular hinge (made to hold around 15kg), with 60- to 120-minute fire doors weighing significantly more. Fire-rated hinges are designed to deal with this excess weight while coping with higher temperatures, making them an essential piece of fire door hardware.

Protect home or commercial buildings from fire or smoke damage by using fire door hinges that offer superior strength and durability. CE rated to confirm they meet European Standards of safety and performance through vigorous testing, they are designed to hang entranceways that are fire-rated for 30 or 60 minutes. Suitable for commercial or heavy domestic use, different grades of fire door hinge are available to handle varying weights up to a maximum of 120kg. There are styles made to reduce friction on the fixings when in use for a smoother and long-lasting operation, plus designs that are fitted using a router and jig to create the recess rather than chiselling to save time. A wide selection of sizes, sturdy materials and finishes is available for a custom fit and to match other fittings.