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About Our Breather Membranes

What are Breather Membranes?

Breather Membranes (or breathable membranes) are water-resistant but vapour permeable. Typically they are used within the external wall and roof constructions where the external cladding may not be completely water-tight or moisture-resistant, such as in tiled roofs or framed wall constructions.

What Breather Membranes does Champion Timber offer?

Champion Timber supplies breather membranes that are highly durable and provide impressive airtightness, whilst offering exceptional water vapour transmission and superior performance when compared to traditional felts. These Breather Membranes are suitable for all pitched roof designs, including ventilated or unventilated, warm or cold, and supported or unsupported. Suitable for all pitched roof designs, including un/ventilated, warm and cold, and unsupported.