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About Our Wooden Door Frames and Linings

What is the difference between a Door Frame and a Door Lining?

In general terms, the difference between a Door Frame and a Door Lining is that the lining hides the gap between the wall and the door. Whereas, the door frame kit is attached to the door, holds the door upright, provides support, and allows the door to move on its hinges. Our range of door frames for internal use consists of many elements such as internal door linings/casing, weather bar, architrave, and sill, all form to create a door frame.

What types of Door Frames are there?

Internal and external door frames and door linings come in all types and materials, including MDF, hardwood and softwood as well as engineered timber. A timber frame or door lining is for internal use whilst it’s more common to find engineered timber frames and linings outside. Many internal door linings have a moisture-resistant core so there’s no danger of rotting or damp timber in kitchens and bathrooms.

Fire-rated frames are growing more popular as fire doors become the must-have home safety product. It goes without saying that if you’re purchasing fire-rated doors then you need fire-rated frames too. Without correct installation against fire-rated frames, the fire doors won’t perform as expected. These frames are manufactured to withstand the flames and the heat of the fire, ensuring that the frame doesn’t warp and prevent the door from opening if needed as an escape route.

Sidelight frames offer a frame for the door as well as a frame on either side or both sides, to create external frames of your own style. The sidelight frames will hold glazing panels with whichever type of pattern or design you’re after to create a stunning modern or traditional effect. Universal sidelight frames offer complete freedom over which exterior doors you choose.