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About Our Speed Plugs

The Rawplug Nylon Self-Drill Plasterboard Fixings require no drilling, simply pierce plaster and screw home. The nylon insulates against accidental electrical contact with a choice of Panhead or countersink screws, and flush fit finish. The Screw and fixture can be removed and reused. (e.g. When decorating). Maximum Fixture Thickness: 12mm

What are Speed Plugs?

Speed Plugs have a specifically designed cutting tip to pierce plasterboard. These cavity fixing plugs are an easy-to-use fix for plasterboard and hollow wall applications and are ideal if re-fixing into the pre-existing plug or anchor holes. Nylon Speed Plugs are also suitable for electrical installations. Available to suit fixing thickness of 1mm-10mm. The plugs come complete with a pan head screw, although alternate screws can be used if required, for different fixtures.

What Speed Plugs does Champion Timber offer?

A range of plasterboard speed plugs in nylon and zinc-plated steel. Plasterboard speed plugs are rapid light-duty plasterboard fixing for use in a wide range of applications. The nylon speed plugs come as just the plug, and the zinc-plated speed plugs come complete with screws.