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About Our Sliding Door Tracks and Furniture

Sliding door tracks are the mechanism used on doors that open horizontally by sliding open. These can be superior over the traditional hinged doors in a situation where space management is key as there is no need to swing these open so you don't need to take into account the space the door arc takes up. This means that doors can be manoeuvred easily, and they are available for use in all types of rooms, which may include dining rooms, en-suite bathrooms, cloakrooms etc.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement or it’s a new installation, we’ve got the right sliding door hardware for any home or business. Choose a complete door kit to make it as simple as possible, or opt for separate components to suit specific needs.

You’ll find robust patio door hardware in our exterior and interior sliding door hardware ranges. Choose from a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles to suit any space. There’s something to suit every pocket, and as we only stock reputable manufacturers, including Klug and Eclisse, you can be confident that every purchase will be straightforward to fit and last well.

When should I use a bottom track?

You really only need to use the bottom guide when there is a concern that the doors might be bumped hard enough to swing, front to back. Some good examples would be if the doors are being used between rooms or if you have small children or large pets.

What does Champion Timber offer?

At Champion Timber, you can browse our range of sliding door tracks and we are confident that you will find the perfect fit for your sliding doors. Sets include both top and bottom tracks which are installed in doorways and allow the doors to glide open and close smoothly. Sliding door gear is available in various lengths and colours to suit your doors and room décor. They are ideal for when space is limited or hinged doors are not an option.