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About Our Specialist Door Hinges

What is a Rising Butt Hinge?

When a new thicker carpet is fitted, installing a rising butt hinge will prevent the scuffing and dragging as it acts to lift the door as it is opened. Lowering it again when closed so that it still fits into the frame, as before.

The Rising Butt Hinge operates as a pin for the door to hang off (similar to the hinge on a wrought iron gate) meaning that the door can easily be lifted off and re-fitted without the need for a screwdriver or an extra pair of hands giving you extra space required to get your bulky items in and out.

What is a Double Action Spring Hinge?

Sometimes referred to as Saloon Door hinges, Cafe Door hinges, Swinging Door Hinges, or Double Acting Barrel Hinges. These spring hinges are adjustable and execute closing action from either direction returning the door to the centre, closed position. Available in Matte Black, Zinc, Brass, Prime Coated, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Satin Brass finishes. Also available in a floor-mounted model in multiple finishes.

What is a Cranked Hinge?

A cranked hinge is a type of speciality hardware that is often used to hang cabinet doors. All cranked hinges have at least one leaf that is bent at an angle, generally 90 degrees. Full-cranked units feature leaves that are both bent or angled. When the door is closed, these hinges look just like traditional butt hinges, with the pin connecting the two leafs visible from the outside. Installers who use a cranked hinge often do so because these hinges allow doors to open farther than standard hinges, and may allow up to 180 degrees of opening.

What is a Parliament Hinge?

These are used when a door is required to open up to 180 degrees, it usually needs to clear a projection, such as a doorframe’s moulding. In this situation, parliament hinges can be used. The screw holes on these hinges are aligned along the edge of the hinge flap so the knuckle projects beyond the edge of the door. The further the projection of the knuckle, the greater the angle of the opening.

What is a Piano hinge?

Piano hinges are also known as continuous hinges and are designed to run the full length of a door to create a seamless and durable opening. Because the hinges are so long, they offer an even distribution of the load.