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About Our Door Catches

What are Door Catches?

The door catch is fitting to keep a closed door at a normal position and not to naturally open it due to wind pressure. The catch body is fitted on the front of the top and bottom plates of a cabinet and the strike is fitted on the door side. A ball type, a roller type, a magnet type, a sliding catch to slide and stop as at a window, and a door holder type to hold the door of a specially equipped vehicle or light van are available. Each type is capable of responding to a door deviation in swinging the catch body.

How do magnetic Door Catches work?

Using magnetic catches gives easy access to the pipework without the hassle of fitting hinges to the door. The panel is simply pulled from the bottom and it comes off in one piece allowing full access to the work behind without being encumbered by a door that cannot be fully opened.

What Door Latches does Champion Timber offer?

Our range of Door Latches is suitable for use on lightweight applications like cupboards, wardrobes and other furniture types, to hold the furniture door closed. Cupboard catches come in a variety of fastening types whether you are looking for roller catches or bales ball catches. Supplied by top trade brands these latches & catches are rated by the trade and people like you.