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About Our SDS Drill Bits

What are SDS Drill Bits?

SDS plus drill bits are used for drilling into hard materials such as brick and concrete with minimal effort. The SDS part refers to the shank type, which has two sets of grooves that snap into the chuck making it more secure and allowing the bit to slide up and down giving you the hammer action.

Can I use SDS drill bits in a normal drill?

You should not use SDS drill bits in a standard drill. The chuck on a standard rotary or hammer drill is not designed for SDS drill bits, so the bits can come loose, damage the drill and affect the quality of your work.

Are SDS drill bits universal?

The shanks of SDS and SDS-Plus drill bits have a diameter of 10 mm. and are interchangeable. You can put either type of bit in either type of tool and they will fit securely.

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