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About Our Wood Stains

Here you will find all necessary exterior stains and quick-drying stains to give your timber the perfect finishing touch to suit your aesthetic whilst also providing a powerful protective barrier from the elements. Here you will find everything that you need to give the job those final touches, whether it requires staining timber, varnishing a treasured piece of furniture or trying out some crazy new colours on your walls we have everything you need online or in our 10 branches across the South-East.

Is there a difference between interior and exterior wood stains?

The Interior wood stain lacks the UV protection of the exterior product, so it will fade if exposed to the sun. If not, it will last just as long. And if you re-stain with the same exterior colour it will be darker. You may need to go lighter with the exterior stain to keep it close to what you are looking to have.

How do I seal exterior wood stains?

Allow the wood to dry completely and sand lightly with a fine-grit sandpaper. Repeat as necessary. Apply Woodsman® Natural UV Wood Sealer & Protector to seal the new stain finish. Apply the sealer using a cloth or with a small- to medium-sized paintbrush in smooth, even strokes along the direction of the grain.