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About Our Wall Plugs

A collection of truly universal plugs, that expand and which fixes into any wall, ceiling or floor. Suitable for Concrete, Brickwork, Stone, Blockwork, Plasterboard, and Tiled Walls. Instant grip and anti-rotation fins prevent spinning in the hole.

When should I use Wall Plugs?

Wall plugs are essential when hanging cabinets, mirrors and shelves - in fact, anything you want to attach to your walls. A normal screw will not securely stay in plasterboard or masonry without a wall plug.

Do I need Wall Plugs for bricks?

These screws cut their own thread into brick, concrete etc so no plugs are required. All you need is a 6.5mm masonry drill bit. Drill your hole straight through whatever you're trying to attach and into the wall to the depth of your screw. Then use an impact driver or drill to drive the screw in.