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About Our Small Handy Packs of Screws

A collection of small packs of varying screw types, from the anti-vandal clutch, heads all the way to mirror screws. These handy packs provide a useful little top-up for odd jobs where only a small amount of screws is needed.

Round-Head Screws

Round-head screws have much more limited use in the building trades than flat-heads. Also note that the roundhead is a bit of a misnomer here, for the underside of the screw is flat. This is a very important feature of the screw, for this flat bottom side gives the screw its holding and binding power. This screw is more commonly used with machinery, but you will usually find flat-head screws holding bookshelves and lighting tracts to the wall or ceiling. They are also used in lighting fixtures and electrical outlets as well as holding handrails, towel racks and toilet paper holders to the wall.