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About Our Coach Bolts

Zinc-plated domed head bolt with a square anti-spin shoulder is mainly used for clamping timber or attaching ironmongery to timber. Fully threaded up to and including 150mm, partially threaded thereafter.

The coach bolt is also often referred to as a carriage bolt and sometimes a cup square hex bolt. Coach bolts are heavy-duty and ideal for making a sturdy joint, they are most used when fixing wood to wood or metal to wood. Available as both partially or fully threaded options cup square bolts, are as the name suggests square near the rounded head, which prevents them from turning in position as you attach and tighten the fixing nut to them. Fasten your coach bolts with a spanner or wrench to create the strongest joint possible.

What are Coach Bolts used for?

Coach bolts, also known as carriage bolts, are a type of bolt designed specifically to be used in woodworking. In particular, they are intended to be used for fastening metal to wood. Carriage bolts feature a shallow domed head, typically either square, circular, or hexagonal in shape.

When should I use Coach Bolts?

Coach bolts are the natural choice for most large building projects and can be suitable for interior and exterior applications. They are typically used at critical points within a structure to join wood to wood or wood to metal. They offer a far more secure option than nails, screws and many other bolt types.