About Our Hardwood Decking

What is Hardwood Decking?

Hardwood Decking is made from slow-growing deciduous trees which makes it a more expensive option than softwood decking as the trees take a long time to grow and therefore the process takes longer. Hardwood Decking comes in a range of colours and finishes which will suit both traditional and contemporary settings.

What Hardwood Decking does Champion Timber offer?

Our range of Hardwood Decking is classed as very durable, has a natural resistance to rot and decay and requires no preservative treatment with a 50-year service life if regularly maintained. Our Hardwood Decking is selected and graded to our exacting standards and classed as very durable.

In addition, our 4.8m length of 47 x 150mm decking joist (47150SCT) is treated to User Class 4 (UC4) which means that it is suitable for direct ground contact and can even be buried. The UC4 preservative is impregnated into the timber through pressure treatment, meaning that both our decking and it's subframe will last the test of time.

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We also offer free samples of all our Hardwood Decking profiles, please visit any branch to pick up one.