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About Our Door Rim Locks

What are Rim Locks?

Rim Locks and Latches have been used for centuries to lock and latch doors. They sit on the surface of the door rather than set into the edge of the door, traditionally because the door would not have been thick enough to take a mortice lock or latch. They, therefore, have a strong visual presence and will add instant character to any setting. A rim lock or latch requires a special type of doorknob (a "rim" knob) that you will need to purchase separately.

What Rim Locks does Champion Timber offer?

Available in a variety of finishes from brass, pewter and iron, our rim locks and latches are suitable for interior doors. With unique construction and intricate design, they are great for those who want to ensure a continuity of design throughout homes and properties. Ornate and rustic, the vintage look of our rim locks makes them great for adding charm to the interior of your home. Escutcheon plates on the rim locks are designed to outline the keyway and guard the doorknob, adding some decorative flair as well as extra protection and security. Rim locks can be used as additional locks to the more secure mortice locks and deadbolts.