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About Our Levels, Tapes & Squares

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What is a Level?

A level indicates the horizontal plane. With a bubble of air inside a vial of encased liquid, the level shows when its frame is exactly horizontal to the earth's surface, called "level." Longer levels typically have additional vials turned perpendicular so the tool can measure vertical "plumb."

How accurate are bubble levels?

Typically, the vials in a spirit level are a yellowish-green colour with additives for UV protection and maximum performance in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees F to 130 degrees F. The best spirit level is accurate to within plus or minus 0.5 millimetres/meter, or 0.005 inches/inch or. 029 degrees.

How do you know if a level is accurate?

You can perform a similar test to check that your level gives you an accurate plumb reading. Hold the level up against a door frame, take note of the bubble location, then flip it vertically 180 degrees and check for plumb again. If the bubble stays in the same location, your level is accurate.

What is a Square Tool?

A Square, in measurement, device consisting of two straightedges set at right angles to each other. It is used by carpenters and machinists for checking the correctness of right angles, as a guide when drawing lines on materials before cutting, or for locating holes.