About Our Fixing Plugs

Our nylon and plasterboard plugs are of the highest quality and manufactured by industry leader, Rawlplug. These plugs are suitable for concrete, brickwork, stone, blockwork, plasterboard and tilted walls, providing unparalleled grip for sturdy, stable fixing to any wall. Choose from Rawlplug blue, brown, grey, red and yellow sizes, or buy a trade pack of mixed plugs for convenience. From spring toggles and cavity anchors to classic hammer fixings and speed plugs all in various sizes and quantities in stock, we can supply you with all the fixings you need as soon as you need them.

Hammer Fixings

Hammer Fixings are simple and fast fixings that usually consist of a high-quality nylon plug and a nail or screw. These come pre-mounted to aid in quick installations. When the nail/screw is hammered in, the sleeve expands and creates a secure anchor in the building material.

Frame Fixings

Frame Fixings are ideal for securing uPVC, wood and metal frames to wood or masonry. You can fix materials together with confidence thanks to the long plastic plug design, they are a fast and effective fix for a secure fit every time. Most commonly used for window and door installations. Versatile and reliable Frame Fixings for attaching to brick, block, stone, masonry and concrete.

Wall Plugs

Wall Plugs are essential when hanging cabinets, mirrors and shelves - in fact, anything you want to attach to your walls. A normal screw will not securely stay in plasterboard or masonry without a Wall Plug.

Speed Plugs

Speed Plugs have a specifically designed cutting tip to pierce plasterboard. These Speed Plugs are an easy-to-use fix for plasterboard and hollow wall applications and are ideal if re-fixing into the pre-existing plug or anchor holes. Nylon Speed Plugs are also suitable for electrical installations. Available to suit fixing thickness of 1mm-10mm. The plugs come complete with a pan head screw, although alternate screws can be used if required, for different fixtures.

Cavity Anchors

Cavity Anchors are the most commonly used plasterboard and cavity wall fixing where a very heavy-duty fixing is required. A range of metal Cavity Anchors for heavy-duty fixings in plasterboard and cavity walls. Ideal for radiators, shelving and handrail brackets.

Spring Toggles

Toggles or Spring Toggles as they are also known, feature a spring-loaded toggle that expands when pushed into a cavity making them ideal for installation behind thick panels in small cavities. The long screws attached also allow fixings to boards of various thicknesses offering fantastic flexibility. Wide toggles also ensure a good load distribution, which allows for a high load-bearing capacity ideal for overhead applications such as ceilings.