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About Our White Primed Doors

What are White Primed Doors?

White Primed Doors are a logical upgrade from the standard moulded hollow core doors, this is due to the fact they are manufactured with a semi-solid core that offers a real quality sturdy feel and as such requires 3 hinges to hang.

Not only are White Primed Doors elegant, simplistic and timeless they also support the spread of light throughout the home. This is simply because White Primed Doors can reflect the light around the room, making it appear brighter, especially if you decide on a gloss final finish. One common trend at the moment is to use White Primed Doors upstairs in narrow or smaller corridors to make the room appear airier and less cramped.

What White Primed Doors does Champion Timber offer?

White Primed Doors are available in a range of different sizes and many styles have an FD30 fire door alternative too. In terms of styles, the possibilities are virtually endless, it could be that a modern twist on the traditional shaker door is your thing, or it might be that a futuristic asymmetric glazed door is more your style. There really is something for every taste.

All White Primed Doors are ready for a one-coat finish of the paint, helping to reduce fitting time and increasing costs for extra materials. They’re made using a solid core for added strength and stability, making them heavy and robust, the core is then layered with a high-quality timber veneer to help you get the perfect finish. White Primed Doors are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality, fresh and reliable door without the price tag.

What does 'Primed' mean for a door?

Doors that have been prepared with an undercoat are ready for a topcoat finish.