About Our Timber Frame and Studwork

Our environmentally certified, C24 and C16 graded framing/carcassing timber can be used for a variety of structural applications, and is especially suited to framing applications.

All our framing/carcassing timber is straight, smooth and consistent in size and is available in a range of sizes and lengths.

Kiln dried to substantially reduce timber distortion

What is C24 Timber?

C24 graded premium structural timber offers greater strength than C16 timber, making it a more demanding grade that can handle higher loads and wider spans.

It is a better-quality structural option because it can take up to 50% longer for these timbers to grow, meaning that they have more growth rings. The more growth rings a piece of wood has, the higher its overall density, which in turn means that it has greater natural durability and improved stability.

The tighter the growth rings of the wood, the better-quality piece of wood that you are dealing with.

Do I need Treated Structural Timber?

If the timber is going to be placed in an area where attacks from external problems such as moisture or fungal attacks, are likely to cause major problems, then we strongly recommend purchasing treated structural timber.

For all the following applications, we generally recommend using a treated structural timber:

Roof Rafters, Timber Framing, Ceiling Joists, Floor Joists, Deck Joists