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About Our Timber Doors

What are Timber Doors?

Timber Doors are the classic choice for your home. Timber is the oldest material used for doors, and there are many good reasons why timber is still used today. Timber is strong, secure, and environmentally friendly and with proper maintenance will last longer than uPVC, aluminium or composite doors.

How long do Timber Doors last?

Timber Doors are the most common for home interiors, and they come in two varieties: solid and hollow. Solid wood interior doors can last as long as the house they're in, but hollow ones are likely to need replacement in 30 to 40 years.

What Timber Doors does Champion Timber offer?

Whether you’re undertaking a full room renovation or just replacing your existing doors, we have a wide range of internal and external doors available in a number of different materials, styles and finishes, to help you find exactly what you need to transform your living space.

Offering a huge range of designs that range from traditional to contemporary, our range includes a selection of internal oak veneer doors. Choose pre-finished doors that are ready to be hung right away, or opt for untreated doors that can be painted or stained before being finished with varnish.

The Champion Timber range consists of:

Solid wooden internal doors
Solid wooden doors have been popular for years, and are made from a single piece of timber. This gives them strength and weight, making them feel high quality, and solid wooden internal doors can be both contemporary or modern in design, and their solid construction means that they can be trimmed to fit your doorway. Choose from wooden interior doors made from wood such as pine, oak and walnut to give your home a classic and high-quality finish. You can also discover large internal doors and much more different styles of interior wooden doors to suit the theme of your property.

Engineered core internal doors
Internal doors with engineered cores, also known as solid-core doors, are doors that have a solid core, with a fine-grade surface veneer attached to each side of the core. They are sturdy and quite heavy and give the appearance of a solid wooden door without the high price tag.

Moulded internal doors
Moulded internal doors are manufactured using wooden bi-products that are pressed together to form a door. This range includes a range of internal oak doors and internal glazed doors that both fit perfectly into any home. Internal hollow doors are often less expensive than solid wooden hardwood doors, moulded doors come in a range of sizes and shapes which gives you more options to help you find the perfect internal door.

Flush internal doors
Flush doors typically have a completely smooth surface to them, giving a minimalist feel to your home. They tend to consist of an engineered core with a hollow frame, covered with plywood or MDF to form the door. They are much more lightweight, and cannot be trimmed to size, but they are a budget-friendly alternative for an internal door. Internal flush doors come in a range of styles, with features such as panels, grooves and stains to add a perfect finishing touch to both traditional and contemporary homes.

Panelled internal doors
Panelled internal doors have been constructed with a number of different panels instead of a single piece of wood. Popular in homes and buildings throughout the UK, panel doors have a structure that provides stability and durability, as well as a variety - you can choose from 2, 4 or 6 panelled internal doors for your home.

Space-saving doors
Save space with pocket doors and folding doors. These space-saving internal doors free up a surprising amount of space in a home as they reduce the amount of floor space ‘clearance’ that’s needed in front of or around every interior door. Pocket doors, also known as sliding doors, operate on a rolling track to slide into the wall cavity instead of swinging outwards. Pocket doors reduce floor space needed and give versatility, especially if the pocket door is used to separate a dining room and living room for example as they can be opened for social occasions. Folding doors, known as bi-fold doors, can be used internally all throughout the home in living room doors, bedroom doors and for things like wardrobe doors too. When folding doors are open they take up only half the floor space of a regular door so they’re a great space-saving product.

Internal fire doors
By strategically placing internal fire doors throughout your home you can combat the spread of fire should one ever break out, giving your family a much better chance of escaping your home unscathed. Fire doors typically offer around 30 minutes of fire protection, and they are conducive to preventing too much smoke from moving between rooms. Fire-rated handles and hinges ensure the door stays in place and is accessible during a fire too.