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About Our DuoSpan - Metal Decking Subframe

What is DuoSpan?

DuoSpan® combines the strength of aluminium with the design flexibility of recycled plastic. This achieves a system that provides exceptional ease of installation, enormous strength and durability, and the scope to construct stunning decks and structures that would be impossible with conventional subframes.

DuoSpan® provides the perfect subframe for Millboard decking, as well as a universal support system for other outdoor floorings. Its ingenious design facilitates top-down fixing of decking boards and makes it an easy installation for all levels of competence.

DuoSpan® has been designed by industry professionals to comply with Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures (BS EN 1991-1-1), and is available in component form, or in five simple off-the-shelf kits, for ease of ordering.

What DuoSpan does Champion Timber offer?

The Champion Timber range of DuoSpan includes all the necessary components to create a composite/metal decking joist as well as all of the cradles and necessary fixings!