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About Our Pocket Door Systems

Little space? Then the sliding door in the wall/pocket doors is the solution. With the installation of a pocket sliding door, you use the available space optimally, because it disappears silently into the wall. Similarly, as the pocket door mechanism is high-quality, we have now equipped our sliding door with a sliding system that will work for years to come. This sliding system slows the sliding door when opening and closing itself. The function ensures an almost silent, gently closing the door and making pinching the fingers of children playing almost impossible. A real space-saver.

What is a Pocket Door?

Pocket doors are can be the perfect solution for tight spaces. Some spaces just don’t have enough room for a swinging, conventional door. In tight spaces, a swinging door might slam into nearby furniture or fixtures, making it difficult to open the door fully. And in some closets, the swing of a conventional door can mean fewer shelves and less hanging space inside.

These are doors that slide into a wall cavity which was previously created by having two individual timber partitions built with a space between them to accommodate the specialist track system that is required, this is where the pocket door system saves time, simply construct it and fit the plasterboard to create the wall, when fitted you end up with what is a virtually hidden door when fully opened and none of what some customers feel is unsightly, the sliding track on the face of the wall.