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About Our Combi Drills

What is a Combi Drill?

The toolbox staple of any trade is the cordless combi drill, allowing you to move freely around your home or job site. Whether you are a professional or casual user, with the correct accessory they allow you to complete a variety of tasks without having to switch between tools, such as drilling holes into wood, metal or masonry and driving in screws. Available in a range of voltages and battery capacities from brands you know and trust. The higher the voltage the more powerful the tool will be, giving you more torque strength and the bigger the battery Ah number, the longer your combi drill will run without needing to charge it back up.

Do I need both a Combi Drill and an Impact Driver?

In an ideal world, you should have both tools so you have the best tool for all drilling and driving applications. This also gives you the ability to use the drill for pilot holes and use the Impact driver to sink fasteners. Since you don't have to switch bits for each fastener, you're much more productive.

What do I use a Combi Drill for?

Combi drills offer all the same features as a drill driver, but with the additional hammer-action feature, making it suitable for drilling into masonry and brick too. These 3-in-1 drills make them great all-rounders.

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