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About Our Cladding Screws

All our cladding screws come with the raised countersunk head with milled ribs under the head to ensure clean countersinking as standard. Also, Spax cut point helps precision placement, allows screwing in without pre-drilling (wood-dependent), and effectively reduces splitting and bulging of the wood Manufactured from Stainless steel A2 II, with high corrosion protection to minimise rust formation on the cladding Spax typical ground serrations at the start for quick and secure fastening SPAX T-STAR plus offers secure bit grip, no cam-out effect, optimal force transmission varying from T20 to T15 bit size.

What are cladding screws?

cladding screw is the latest design in exterior wood screw technology, allowing easy. fixing, superior hold and maximum durability. The black-painted head allows for a discrete aesthetic appearance. Uses Exterior or interior timber cladding, screening, and panels.