About Our Timber Sleepers

What are Timber Sleepers?

Our range of railway sleepers are hugely versatile, perfect for creating a garden border or raised features. They can also be used to give more structure by creating retaining walls or edging, an ideal replacement for brick or stone. Manufactured from rough-sawn timber, our range of treated Railway sleepers are pressure-treated to provide abrasion, mildew and rot resistance to ensure long lasting use.

What Timber sleepers does Champion Timber offer?

Champion Timber stocks a range of high-quality garden sleepers in a variety of different sizes, perfect for your landscape gardening needs. Our Timber sleepers are suitable for all landscaping projects such as raised beds, play areas decking, edging & steps. We stock softwood railway sleepers and hardwood railway sleepers (including oak sleepers) along with all the necessary fixings and related products for you to transform your outdoor space.

How long do Timber sleepers last?

15 to 20 years - While timber may not be as long-lasting as concrete, it has a natural appearance that may be perfect for many front or back gardens. If Timber sleepers are professionally installed and treated, they can last many years and enhance the appearance of your garden. For greater longevity, timber sleepers can last 15 to 20 years.

How do I keep Wooden Sleepers from rotting?

Wood preservative treatments provide Wooden Sleepers with protective properties that help prevent rot, mould and fungal growth, as well as help to form a defence against the elements. It is best to apply a wood preservative before the installation of your Wooden Sleeper so that you can paint all sides.