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About Our Gate Security

What Gate Security does Champion Timber offer?

Garden and gate security are worthy of the same attention as that of your main entrance doors! Keeping unwanted visitors out of your garden is important, especially when you consider the range and value of items you keep in your garden and garden shed - lawnmowers, tools and so on. We have a range of gate locks and latches suitable for metal and wooden gates, and also a range of other ironmongery to add a bit of style to your garden gate.

Gate Hooks

Gate Hooks are a great addition to securing any garden gate. Whether you need it open while you come and go or want to add extra security when it is closed; with a range of sizes and types to choose from, we are sure we have the one for you.

Gate Bolts

Add that extra level of security to your outdoor spaces or front gates with our selection of robust gate bolts. Our products are all carefully built to the highest standards to ensure they can withstand years of use, providing you with long-term security and peace of mind.

Gate Latches

Gate Latch is not only practical for the opening and closing of gates from both sides but also secures your property, family and animals. There are many different options when you are looking to upgrade or buy new Gate Latches. Things to consider are the material they are made from, galvanised or zinc-plated are perfect for resisting the elements. The type of gate you have does it swing one way or two ways, so do you need a handle on each side? The weight of your gate is it light-duty or solid wood needing additional support so the alignment stays straight, in which case a steel-constructed Gate Latch might be better suited for durability. And the desired look, whether that's rustic, modern, traditional or Victorian.


Our range of gate springs caters to every size and style of gates and doorsSpring gate closers are perfect for smaller metal or wooden gates. All of our gate closers are suitable for external use, and the majority can be fixed to the surface of gates and doors.

Hasp and Staple

Hasp and Staple are designed to be used with a pin or a padlock to securely lock. Ideal for use on sheds, storage boxes or garden gates, they come in a wide range of sizes so you can be sure to find the right one for the job.