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About Our Spring Toggle

Rawlplug Spring toggles are ideal for fixing to cavity walls and ceilings of low structural strength e.g. lathe and plaster. The toggle spreads the load over a wide area for extra security making Spring Toggles ideal for double-thickness plasterboard and large fixtures. Easy to use, no special tools needed. Suitable for use in Plasterboard Lathe and Plywood Hardwood

What are Spring Toggles?

Toggles or spring toggles as they are also known, feature a spring-loaded toggle that expands when pushed into a cavity making them ideal for installation behind thick panels in small cavities. The long screw attached also allows fixings to boards of various thicknesses offering fantastic flexibility. Wide toggles also ensure a good load distribution, which allows for a high load-bearing capacity ideal for overhead applications such as ceilings.

What is a Spring Toggle used for?

The Spring Toggle Bolt is a toggle anchor made of steel and is ideal for fixing heavy items to the wall or ceiling. It is offered in a variety of lengths to accommodate thicker material. The two metal wings are spring-loaded and open behind the wall when inserted.