About Our Adhesives

We have an extensive range of adhesives, grouts and sealants for bonding, grouting, waterproofing and weatherproofing around the home with a professional finish. And from grab adhesives like Gripfill, to contact adhesives, to all-rounders such as CT1, Champion Timber is the one-stop-shop.

Grab Adhesives

Grab Adhesives provide excellent adhesion and bonding strength to most solid building materials. Suitable for interior and exterior use, it can bond to almost any surface and is also versatile as a gap-filling adhesive.


Sealants are also commonly known as silicone or mastic. Search our extensive range of silicone sealants online to help you create an airtight or watertight seal. Suitable for indoor or outdoor projects, we stock a wide range of top trade brands to get your sealing jobs done right the first time.

Construction Adhesives

A comprehensive range of adhesives is used for bonding various materials. Once applied, it will bind two separate items together, forming a stronghold to resist separation. Adhesive will typically be formed of substances such as gelatine, epoxy, resin or polyethene, with each having different variations. From waterproof adhesive to glass adhesive, it's important to choose the right variant for the job. This will depend on the surface on which it's being applied and the strength of hold it requires. Some are specifically used to bond wood and metal, others are used to fix tiles, carpets or wallpaper. Choose from our range of various colours and sizes to meet your job requirements.


PVA is a low-cost, water-based, non-toxic way to glue wood to itself. Wood glue is a particularly strong version of ordinary PVA, ideal for heavier jobs. It dries completely clear but you can also buy pre-coloured versions that are less visible on wood surfaces.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes are a combination of a material and an adhesive film and are used to bond or join objects together instead of using fasteners, screws, or welding. Applying Adhesive Tapes in lieu of mechanical fasteners enables you to use lower-temperature applications, which can simplify the manufacturing processes.

Roofing Felt Adhesive

Roofing Felt Adhesive is a cold-applied adhesive for bonding bituminous roofing felts to asphalt, felt, metal and concrete. It can also be used for bonding mineral chippings to bituminous surfaces. Roofing Felt Adhesive is required when bonding layers of roofing felts together or to bond overlapping sections on single-layer installations. Our adhesives and bitumen paints can be applied directly out of the tins with a brush.

Egger D4 Flooring Adhesive

A vital component of the EGGER Advanced Structural Flooring System, EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive is a unique expanding D4 glue that is five times stronger than a mechanical fixing. Supplied in easy-to-handle 1kg squeezy bottles means there is no requirement for expensive tools, applicator guns or joint sealing tapes.