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About Our Concrete Screws & Gutter Bolts

The Sleeve Anchor is an all-steel, thin-walled, thorough fixing for general-purpose applications Suitable for fixing Concrete, Solid Brick, Dense Blockwork force, and Some Natural Stone. Countersunk machine screw BZP coated for corrosion resistance Metric coarse thread Mild steel Grade 4.6

Do Concrete Screws need plugs?

These screws cut their own thread into brick, concrete etc so no plugs are required. All you need is a 6.5mm masonry drill bit. Drill your hole straight through whatever you're trying to attach and into the wall to the depth of your screw. Then use an impact driver or drill to drive the screw in.

When it comes to concrete screws, we have a great range. As you would expect our range corrosion-resistant for longer-lasting life and have a thread that has a high pull-out resistance. Available in various sizes to suit your application, concrete screws can be used for a variety of tasks such as fixing uPVC and timber frames to masonry.

Will drill into the concrete crack it?

Drilling, nailing and screwing can all cause concrete to crack if they're not done properly. Although it seems like a very tough material, concrete is in fact extremely brittle and prone to cracking. What's important to stop concrete cracks when doing these things is knowing how to do them properly.

What are Gutter Bolts used for?

Gutter bolts are used to fix fibre cement gutters together and should be used with a hole seal washer. The slotted head allows the bolt to be inserted and removed with ease. The countersunk head ensures the bolt can be fully inserted for a flush finish