• 100mm PIR Celotex Insulation Board 2400 x 1200mm
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About Our Multi Layer Insulation

What is Multi-Layer Insulation?

Multi-Layer Insulation is thermal insulation composed of multiple layers of thin sheets and is often used on spacecraft and Cryogenics. It is one of the main items of the spacecraft's thermal design, primarily intended to reduce heat loss by thermal radiation.

What Multi-Layer Insulation does Champion Timber offer?

Designed to ensure the continuous insulation, weather and air-tightness of roofs and ridges
• Across-rafter multi-foil insulation for new build, extensions, conversion and refurbishment work, etc
• Minimises thermal bridging around roof windows
• No need for a vapour barrier
• Space saving element particularly lends itself to loft conversions
• Durable and tear-resistant yet cuts easily with scissors
• No irritant dust or fibres when cutting and installing
• Class 1 surface spread of flame (Superquilt)
• CE/CPD compliant as 'fit for purpose