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About Our Angle Brackets, Plates & Braces

Large range of metal brackets, and jointing pieces for everyday applications. At Champion Timber, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of ironmongery and accompanying accessories all from stock. All the appliance furniture, hinges, railings etc that you will ever need are all available the next day from Champion Timber.

What are Angle Brackets?

An angle bracket, also known as a corner brace, is an L-shaped bracket used to join together materials generally at right angles to one another. These metallic angle brackets feature various holes on both sides for an easy and secure application using an appropriate screw. Common uses are for fixing shelving to walls or connecting two pieces of wood together at right angles. We stock a wide range of steel brackets in various sizes and finish making it easy to complete the task at hand.

What are Mending Plates?

Mending Plates are the perfect piece of hardware for fencing and timber repairs or as additional support to current structures. At Champion Timber, we offer a massive range of steel Mending Plates, available in a huge range of styles and sizes.

What are Corner Braces?

Braces are most commonly made from mild steel construction and coated with a smooth zinc finish. Corner braces come in a range of sizes from 2 holes for smaller jobs to 6 holes for when you need to add more support to the material.