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About Our Self Drilling Screws

Specifically designed to attach wood to metal (max 5mm) Course self-tapping thread with wings designed to ream out the timber, so the screw can achieve max rpm without burning out The wings break off when hitting the metal to permit the thread to self-tap. Used when constructing drywall track and ceiling track systems to stitch the track together (Max 2.5 -3.0mm) without the need to pre-drill a hole.

What is Self Drilling Screws used for?

Self-drilling screws have a point that acts as a drill bit and sharp cutting threads that tap the hole during installation. Self-drilling screws are a commonly used variety of screws for quick drilling into both metal and wood. A self-drilling screw can typically be identified by its point and flute (notch) tip.

Do you need a pilot hole for Self Drilling Screws?

While self-tapping screws will tap a hole into a soft material, self-drilling screws are capable of drilling a hole into anything from metal to wood. This key difference is that self-drilling screws have a tip like a drill bit, so they do not need a pilot hole.

What is the difference between Self Tapping And Self Drilling Screws?

Self-drilling screws eliminate the need for a pilot hole but can tap as well. Self-tapping screws tap their own threads, but cannot drill through metal and require a pilot hole. These screws are not interchangeable, and mixing up the two can cause many headaches or possible failures in the field.