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About Our Composite Waterproof Flooring

What is Waterproof Composite Flooring?

As in the name, this range of Waterproof Composite Flooring offers a great solution for those searching for a completely waterproof floor. With our unique waterproof bathroom flooring, there is no need to worry about even the slightest bit of moisture. Browse our collection of waterproof vinyl and laminate floors above!

What does Waterproof Composite Flooring mean?

Waterproof refers to a permanent material, which means water won’t penetrate the waterproof flooring, no matter how much time goes by. For example, waterproof flooring can be installed in any room, but it’s more expensive than water-resistant flooring. A water-resistant floor refers to how flooring material protects the flooring substrate from water infiltration.

What Waterproof Composite Flooring does Champion Timber offer?

Our flooring range offers incredibly strong and stable boards with an extremely durable, embossed woodgrain-effect vinyl upper layer and built-in underlay. Offering a wide range of highly realistic wood finishes, Brecon is a stylish and practical solution for even the most demanding rooms in the house.

This range of waterproof laminate flooring is split between a click system and an Easiloc system, both these systems create a stunning tile effect laminate flooring. This range of flooring is also built with a real wood top layer that adds some natural beauty to this stunning wood floor and gives it the same impression as solid wood flooring for a fraction of the price. The selection includes a concise range of engineered wood floors, oak effect laminate flooring, luxury vinyl flooring as well as water resistant laminate flooring.