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About Our Bathroom Turn & Release Locks

Turn and Release 'occupied' door indicators are used on bathroom locks or handle to allow the person inside to unlock the door using the thumbturn.

What are Bathroom Turn/Release Locks?

The turn & release sits directly underneath the handle or knob and will operate on a bathroom lock or deadbolt. In each case, a 90-degree turn of the thumb turn knob will lock or unlock the bathroom door. Bathroom turn & releases and indicator bolts (also known as 'Thumbturns') are to be used on bathroom doors with door handles or doorknobs on the rose. Available in a range of finishes and styles, there are turn & releases available to match all of the handles and knobs. 

What Bathroom Turn & Release Locks does Champion Timber offer?

Our range of thumbturn locks is a great addition to doors inside the home. Although they are primarily used for bathrooms, these are also a great choice for adding extra privacy to bedroom doors as well. Available in a selection of styles and colours to suit your home décor online or in-store at Champion Timber.