About Our Plywood

We offer a number of different plywoods, available in different thicknesses', and includes hardwood throughout plywood suitable for external applications, hardwood faced general purpose plywood, birch plywood ideal for high-end joinery applications, marine plywood which conforms to BS1088-2003, and softwood structural plywood ideal for wall sheathing etc. We also have a range in handy panel sizes.

Champion plywood is compliant to EN314 and EN636.

Plywood has two material components, wood and glue, EN314;1993 and EN636;2003 are standards that work in tandem with each other with EN314; referring to bonding quality and EN636 referring to the durability of wood species.

EN636 defines the specification of plywood regarding the type of glue, the durability of the timber and its suitability for structural use.

The number following the EN636 code defines the durability of the timber used in the manufacture of the plywood

EN636 – 1 (Class 1) Defines product that is suitable for dry interior use only

EN636 – 2 (Class 2) Defines that the product contains timber that is classed as non-durable and is suitable for use in humid areas or exposure to occasional wetting. It can be used in the exterior application when fully covered or given a fully external decoration.

EN636 – 3 (Class 3) Defines that the product is made from timber that is durable (hardwood throughout) and is suitable for all exterior application including frequent wetting. Prolonged use in an external application would require boards to be covered or decorated.

The final part of EN636 deals with its suitability for structural use. All the plywood we stock of a thickness 9mm or over is suitable for structural use and is defined by

the addition of the letter “S”. Boards below 9mm show the letter “G” in their description and are only suitable for General use (non structural)