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About Our General Purpose Woodscrews

We have a number of different brands available including:


Perfect for softwood, hardwood, chipboard and MDF board. Maximum precision with two patented slots to prevent splitting when working close to the edge. Self-countersinking with no surface damage due to rib and tuck design. The reinforced collar prevents snapping and gives depth for a wide deep Pozi bit to be inserted, reducing the risk of cam out. Lubricated, Sharp, Wide and deep Thread, Up to 40% reduction in driving resistance, therefore less torque required. Quick, easy penetration without a Pilot Hole. 25-degree Needle Point for immediate start Yellow tropicalised for 20 times more rust resistance than standard Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) screws.


For universal use in wood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and even thin metal sheet Multihead with cutting ribs help the head countersink into the wood. Screw head ribs help reduce the thread being stripped when fixing hinges etc. The deeper recess in the screw-head for a stronger bit hold. 4 CUT Points so no splitting even when working close to the edge, no pre-drilling required even in hardwoods and screw point takes immediate hold. Ground Serrations help reduce driving in torque and a hard synthetic coating helps for easy driving.

TimCo C2

A revolutionary high-performance truly multi-purpose screw. Positive Drive Recess gives precise and positive drive control on every screw. Patented lubrication enhances screw insertion and provides greater resistance to corrosion. 25-degree deep single thread to provide secure fixing with high pull-out resistance.

Champion Single Thread

25-degree sharp point for easy penetration into wood/chipboard/MDF, plastics and thin sheet metal. Surface hardened up to 750 HV to prevent torque shearing under load and a core hardness of up to 450 HV for improved ductility. Plated to give a high resistance to corrosion. Made from C10-22 Steel to ensure consistent quality. Double countersunk reduces the likelihood of head shear and assists in the completion of countersinking.

TimCo Twin Thread

Traditional woodscrew designed to give rapid installation into softwoods Sharp point and single threading for a fast start and improved thread acceptance Double countersunk to reduce the likelihood of head shear and assists with countersinking Zinc plated (3-5 microns) 60-degree twin threads with parallel shank for faster insertion and greater pull out resistance Surface hardened to prevent torque shearing under load