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About Our Softwood Boarded External Doors

These charming doors are of traditional design and sturdy construction thanks to a framed, ledged and braced construction. This means that horizontal lengths of wood known as ledges and diagonal ones known as braces are contained inside a wooden frame. These doors arrive ready for painting to create your own look.

What does Framed, Ledged and Braced mean?

Ledged and braced doors will usually be framed, ledged and braced; ledged and braced, or just ledged. They can be referred to by these names, depending on their specific construction, they can also be called batten doors. They're made up of a number of vertical panels, and battens, joined by their long edges to form a single panel. They are given extra support with horizontal ledges, diagonal braces and frames.

The most sturdy construction is framed, ledged and braced, due to the additional support the frame adds. The ledges and braces should reduce the chance of the door warping and losing its shape. They are usually only added to one side of the door, meaning the door looks different from either side.