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About Our Screwdriver Bits

What is a Screwdriver Bit?

A screwdriver bit is a tool for driving screws and one that can be fitted to most drilling power tools. All screws have a head with a contour such that an appropriate screwdriver tip can be engaged in it in such a way that the application of sufficient torque to the screwdriver will cause the screw to rotate.

How do I use a Screwdriver Bit?

As you are drilling, apply pressure to the top of the screwdriver or drill/driver to ensure the bit stays in the screw head as you drill. To prevent the bit or screw from slipping as you drive into the wood, gently grip the sides of the screw to hold it in place until it starts to bite into the wood.

What's the difference between pH and PZ bits?

PH is short for Philips's head, whereas PZ is short for pozidrive. PH screws just have a cross-slot on the head; PZ look similar but have additional lines between the slots

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